What if education was free?

Education is process of receiving or giving systematic instruction or learning things in this modern world which is happening now and even in the past,especially at a school or university.

Even though in few countries governments are providing free education for both men and women but in few countries it’s totally different. In few countries government schools quality of education is not good as compare to the private schools so people would prefer private schools than the government schools. According to few studies in 2020, around 90% of worlds population is primarily educated but only 66% had completed their secondary education. Rest 34% people were unavailable to be a graduate due to there personal reasons but most of there reasons would end up due to lack of money. So but now for a change what if all education institutes provide free education all over world?

Advantages of free education

Firstly, all students no mater there are poor or rich, all students will go to school. Secondly, now a days education price is touching to the sky. So if education is free for all that’s save a lots of money. Thirdly,if education was free it would increase the literacy rate and GDP rate of the country and also it would decreases the poverty. Fourthly, we may have a chance to get great scientists and billionaires from poverty. Fifthly, there would be a drastic growth in technology and soon we would be type 1 civilization. Lastly, all students would learned about humanity,ethics and few moral values of life so that they would not choose a wrong path to live.

Disadvantages of free education

Firstly,there will lot of crowd in education institutes and the teacher cant clear all doubts of all students.Secondly, it may increase in nepotism. such that jobs and other respective positions would be given to their children or there relatives. Thirdly, graduation qualification may be required for small jobs like a watchman,maid,delivery boy, cab drivers ,etc. Lastly,there would no vacancy in IT jobs and government jobs.Hence unemployment would the biggest problem for humans.

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What if JEE mains and NEET exams get cancelled?

what is JEE?

JEE (joint entrance examination) is an engineering entrance exam conducted for admission to various engineering colleges.

What is NEET?

NEET (national eligibility cum entrance test) is the qualifying test for MBBS, BDS and dental colleges in India.

JEE and NEET exams till now from the past decade no exams where cancelled. Even in the pandemic year 2020 exams were not cancelled they were just postponed. But let’s assume some how those exams were cancelled.

What if JEE mains and NEET exams get cancelled?

Firstly, around totally 4.5 million students attend both the exams, the students who applied for those exams feels happy for a movement that their exams where cancelled but students later on will be in a bit confuse that how would they join to engineering or MBBS course. Secondly, the students suicide case will be reduced there will be no repeaters who waste there 1 or 2 years of life to clear JEE or NEET exams. Thirdly the whole society will be questioning to the government that how would they join their children into colleges. Fourthly, the colleges will conduct their own entrance exam individually. Fifthly, the colleges fee will be reached to the sky with limited seats in the college and the talented students would be neglected and the seats would be given to only who pay high fees. sixthly, if this still continues then the literacy rate of India would be decreased. seventhly, students suicide cases will increase due to depression of not getting college seats. Lastly, to avoid these all the government will again conduct exams as usual for the next year.

So at the end of the story we all felt JEE and NEET exams are so important and mandatory for the students who are joining to colleges. And all the best to the students who are attending JEE and NEET exams this time.


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What if we prove God exists or not?

From many several centuries humans have a biggest question in their mind that God exists or not. Although there are few proofs of God existence but most of us still don’t believe in God. This same question was asked to a monk named as Abhaya by one of his followers then the Abhaya replied that there is no god at all then this news was spread out and people were in full of joy that there is no person above who looks after what good things and bad things they do. Later, next day another monk named as Aishi told them there is a god and we have to believe God existences. People were confused at that time and even now people confuse of God existence. Let’s take both monk lifestyle Aishi is praying to God since from many years and spending nearly 12-13 hours a day only in the name of God .One day Aishi got a small doubt that he is worshiping God since many years what if God is just a lie. whereas Abhaya enjoy his life without even thinking about God for several years later James also got just a small doubt what if God exits for real, will he punish me when I go near him.
Finally, should we believe God or not. Well this depends upon you. If you believe in God you spread the existence of God or just don’t believe in God and spread that there is no God.

Who is the real God in this modern world?

The real God in this world is us and every living thing who is capable to help other without expecting any return. In other words, the person who helps you or the persons who helps to others without expecting anything in return is called as God. For an example, give some food and clothes to the poor people who are sleeping on road you would be looking like a God to them.

Hopping for no more politicians in the world is actually a bad idea but what if we replace non eligible politicians with eligible and sincere politicians well that’s a upcoming post of us.

What if humans were immortal?

What if humans were immortal, would earth be over populated,how would our technology and space exploration?This is what if and hears what happens if humans were immortal.

What is immortal ?

Well immortal is something like leaving creatures never die or don’t have death.For an example jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii these jellyfish never die.

What if humans ware immortal?

Firstly, humans will increase there life span. Secondly after few years of being immortal will increase over population because present population is around 8 billion (population count is based on year 2021 study) scientist suggest that now only we are over populated and if we are immortal the count rise very rapidly and soon humans basic needs like food, water and shelter costs rise to sky. Thirdly if humans were immortal people will reduce the forest area to live which may lead to extinct of many animals. Fourthly if humans were immortal people will become lazy and few may even feel life is too boring to live for centuries together. Fifthly the youngster’s may not get jobs because of over population which leads to unemployment. Sixthly if humans were immortal the great scientist will leave for long time and improve the technology much better, lastly if humans were immortal space exploration will be much easier and comfortable.

Is it really possible for humans to be immortal?

Yes it is possible, we humans die because of DNA in our body gets damaged when we get older and our few cells stop replicating . scientist were studying this problem since from long time and were also successful to repair few damages in DNA which increase our life span for few years.may be it’s not good to increase our life span because the earth now itself got over populated, what do you think well let me know in the comment section


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What if aliens visited earth?

when we think about aliens we would be wondering that, is there actually any aliens living out there? well we can’t just say no because we didn’t discover them and also we can’t just say yes without any proof of their existence but according few experts there maybe aliens living out there life somewhere around in this vast universe. Experts are that sure of aliens existence because the universe is 13.8 billion years old and there are approximately two trillion or two million million galaxies present in our universe. Some of those distant systems are quite different but few are similar to our own Milky Way galaxy and they believe there is a chance of life on those planets if those planets are placed exactly how earth is placed from the sun. Surprisingly if they exist they might look like humans with two hands, legs, etc.

What if aliens visited earth?

Let’s assume somehow aliens landed on earth, why would they come, what actually they need, would they be friendly with us or they start wars on us.
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Firstly, if aliens landed on earth that sense that they found us before we found them which also sense that there technology is better than ours, I am that sure they are technically better than us because if they managed to travel in space and found us they would obviously be better than us. Secondly, if aliens landed on earth the things can happen in two ways the good aliens and bad aliens if they are good aliens they would try to communicate with us and try to be friendly with us and later they would help us to grow technically, space travelling would be easy to humans, entrepreneurs like elon musk and jeff bezos and many others would try connect both aliens planet and earth, the meetings of government and online platforms would change from global to universal and there is even chance to bring a new species by mating alien DNA with human DNA and if they are bad aliens they would directly destroy our planet and end the humans and other living things and they live or they even make us slave and make us there workers. Lastly if aliens landed on earth they even might bring micro organisms too and if that microbes spread into humans it might bring global pandemics like covid-19 and that even might end up our humans before we find a vaccine.

What if there is no more politicians?

What if we remove politicians all over the world and what changes my take in the world
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why should we remove politicians?
We should remove politicians because most of them are really not eligible to be a politician and most of the politicians promise to there people while election campaigns that if they are elected they would solve local problems and develop cities but in reality if they try to solve problems and develop cities the other oppositions parties wont let them to do and finally they end up to just to fill their bank accounts by corruption and enjoy there life till they are in ruling party.

What if there is no politicians in the world?
Lets assume that some how politicians world wide were removed or resigned them self.
Firstly, without politicians there is no governments ,no rules and laws for the people to follow. Secondly, people are free from taxes and there is no more corruptions,black money hidden and there will be no recommendation jobs given by politicians which may even reduces nepotism in the society too .Thirdly,if there is no politicians in the world there will be no election campaigns and elections to vote politicians which may saves lots of money and time. Fourthly,if there is no politicians in the world then there is no one to rule the people which will leads to increase in crime rate so high which would be highest crime rate of all time in the history.Fifthly,if there is no politicians in the world the share markets price will fall down,the basic needs of human like food,water,shelter and other things price reaches to the sky. Sixthly,if there is no politicians in the world the major imports and exports in between countries would be stopped. Lastly,if there is no politicians in the world there will be lots of war in world wide and each day will be survival day fighting for basic needs to live.
Hopping for no more politicians in the world is actually a bad idea but what if we replace non eligible politicians with eligible and sincere politicians well that’s a upcoming post of us.

What if Thanos snap his fingers in real life?

Why thanos wants to wipe humans?

Thanos wants to wipe 50% of our worlds population because he felt that earth is over populated by humans and he want to solve this problem by wiping 50% of us.

What happens if thanos snap his fingers in real life?

Firstly, if thanos snap his fingers in real life there are 8 billion people on earth almost 4 billion people will be wiped out. Secondly, there will be massive accidents on the roads and trains will be out off control leading to massive crashes and there are 10,000 flights on the air at any given time they all end up crashing in to the ground leading to massive explosion and power supply will be stopped due to mechanical failure. Thirdly, you will notice that you lost your few family members and friends. Fourthly, there will a lot of chaos,people may suffer from shortage of basic needs, governments world wide work together to solve this problems. Fifthly, afters few years new governments will form and things will run same as now. Lastly, although we lost people its good for our earth global worming will reduce and people who lived after that event may suffer for some time but later they will be happy and wealthy living there rest of there life.


If thanos snap his fingers in real life, firstly there will lot of chaos, many people will suffer with lack of food ,water, shelter and other basic needs. This may be a bad idea to kill 50% of humans but after few years people who left after Thanos sapping humans will live there life richly, comfortably and happily there rest there life’s and population, pollution and global warming will be in control for next few decades.


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What if you follow 1 million people on instagram?

what if you follow 1 million people in Instagram, would your account be banned or can you hit that mark?
This is what if and hears what happens if you followed 1 million people on Instagram.

Ok,now you have a milestone to follow 1 million people on instagram so lets start it.You have created a new instagram account (we made you to create a new account because this is just an experiment and you dont know what really happens in the process)and you started following people with zero following to 1 million people without expecting for followers. Firstly, you might start following intagram verifed people which is shown by in suggestions and later on you started following your friends, family and others then you might be following approximately 1 thousand people. i think you might felt tired by now, lets me help you out by assigning 10 people to complete the experiment.They started following people in your account after sometime time you would notice your account stopped following people after reaching 7,500 following because thats the limits of instagram well that word sounds so dissapointig but thats reality so you and me with our whole team had failed in this experiment.


If you try to follow 1 million people on instagram, you might stop end up at 7,500 following because thats the maximum limit of instagram. if you have seen any account following more than 7,500 peope they have achieved that before instagram has kept that limits. Following 1 million people on Instagram is no more possible but what if you some how managed to get 1 million followers well that’s a upcoming posts of us.


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What if you built a house by 3d printing?

What is 3Dprinting ,what if you built a house by 3d printer,would it reduce the cost,how many days it takes to build a house?
This is what if and hears what happens if you built a house by 3d printing.

What is 3D printing ?

A 3D printer is a meachine which creates a three diensional objects layer-by-layer using a computer created design.3D printing is an additive process whereby layers of material are built up to create a 3D part.

What if you built a house by 3d printer?

Firstly,you might think its just what if story but doesn’t work in real life, in reality its possible and already few german companies have started building homes using 3D printing technology. Secondly, if you build a house by 3d printing your house would be built or re altered fastly within a day or a week (depends upon which type and sizes you choose to build).Thirdly, if you build a house by 3d printing your house will be build in low cost.Fourthly,if you build a house by 3d printing there will no wastage in building materials and we can also use waste products of plastics and other materials to build your house. Fifthly you would be satisfied,comfortable and freely design your own homes and leave in them because 3D printed homes and buildings are the next generation technology of civil works they are highly safe and ec-friendly to use and even spacex,NASA,ISRO and other space companies were trying to use 3D printing homes technology in there future missions to build house in other planets.lastly, if you build a house by 3d printing there will be no jobs for labor and it may effects there life financially unstable.


If you build a house by 3d printing, your house will be built in less then a week with low cost and its even safe and secure to live in those homes.And there will be no wastage in building materials and even we can use plastic and other waste materials to build a house.


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What if lab grown diamonds worth?

What is a diamond, how does it made naturally by earth, What if lab grown diamonds worth and what are the advantages of it? This is what if and hears what happens if lab grown diamonds worth.

What is a diamond?

A diamond is a carbon element which is a precious stone consisting of a clear and colourless crystalline form. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the earth. They are formed in deep within the Earth’s crust under conditions of high pressure and heat that cause carbon atoms to crystallise forming diamonds.In the expansion of volcanoes lava diamonds are also forced to come out to the Earth’s surface.

what if lab grown diamonds worth?

According to the experts lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are one and the same. They have same physical and chemical properties but they only differ in containing nitrogen,it is observed that natural occured diamonds have more nitrgen content compared to the artificial and lab grown diamonds are less cost compare to the natural diamonds and also lab grown diamonds can be grown up within 6-10 weeks of time.

Why is the price different for both ?

Some diamond companies claim that the diamonds grown in labs are fake and they dont have the same high quality.But in reality those are all lies to protect their profits companies are spreading out the myths of lab grown diamonds.

In reality,it is cheaper to create in labs.According to the latest reports,it is cheaper to manufacture diamonds in the labs.And not all companies did the same thing, Some companies have even promised that they wouldn’t mine for diamonds anymore.Instead, they will create diamonds in labs only.And because diamonds are made of carbon,the Carbon Dioxide in the air can be captured,and it can be used to create diamonds in labs.
There will be two advantages of it.Firstly, mining wouldn’t be done.Forests wouldn’t have to be cut down.Diamond mines are anyway very harmful to the environment.And secondly,the carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is adding to global warming.If we start capturing carbon dioxide and making diamonds from it,it can reduce the levels of carbon dioxide as well.

And also starting a startup like making diamonds in labs might make you billionaire in just few years. Want to know how your life then well that’s a upcoming post of itswhatif.


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